Post New Zealand 

I have debated writing a blog post about coming back to Canada and sharing my thoughts and feelings about the whole thing and I finally feel it is the right time. When Nate first told me he wanted to come back to Canada, I was in shock. I couldn’t argue with his logic but it shattered my picture of what our New Zealand adventure would look like. Once I had adjusted to the idea and we started making plans to return, I wrestled with the ‘why’ or purpose of God bringing us to New Zealand. What could possibly be the purpose of selling everything and giving up everything to go to New Zealand for Nate to work at the ski hill back in Canada?? It just didn’t make sense to me and then when every opportunity Nate pursed didn’t work, I felt terribly lost and confused. This was the driving reason we didn’t tell very many people we were returning to Canada because it was too painful and confusing to talk about. Now 5 weeks later, looking back I see that Nate working at the ski hill was never the plan. Slowly, over the next few weeks a new opportunity presented it self. Nate returned to Canada 9 days before me and was feeling discouraged at the prospect of returning to nursing. As we discussed what the future held, we once again returned to the idea of opening our own gym. It has been something we have tossed around for 1.5-2 years but the timing was never right. Now, once again we toyed with the idea. The more I considered it and prayed about it, the more it felt right and gave the whole New Zealand experience a new meaning and it didn’t feel like a waste. It pushed us to sell our house and pay off our car, it taught us how to live humbly and changed our expectation of what we ‘need’ and made us exponentially more grateful for all we have. It also took away the  crippling fear we had previously held about opening a business. When you compare selling everything and moving to A far away country and opening a business in your home town were if it all falls apart you can return to a previous career, the latter becomes significantly less scary. 

So here we are three weeks after returning home, setting up our gym and pursuing our dream. We have continued to workout at Kamloops CrossFit. I imagined this is confusing for some because wouldn’t we be the competition? The best part of CrossFit is the community, whether that’s in the gym or the community at large. Marshall (Kamloops CrossFit owner) has made us welcome and we felt the best way to make that authentic on our side and not just lip service, was to continue to be a part of the community. I am excited to see Kamloops have a genuine CrossFit community where the gyms can get together and have friendly competitions or do fundraisers together ect. 

My final thought  is a brief story of how the blessings we have received from others, allowed us to bless others in New Zealand. Now, I am not stupid or naive, I know money makes life way easier and solves many problems but I don’t believe in finding my security in it either. In the last three years, after Nate got sober and we turned our life around, I have witnessed so many miracles with regards to money and provision that I can safely say God has always provided for us. So when we left NZ, we decided to give away everything we owned. We could have tried to sell it and get some money but we chose instead to use it to help others. Let me tell you, this was far more rewarding then the money we may have earned. There are two stories that were particulary special. The first, was with regards to Kalani’s bike. We were in Queenstown and getting close to returning home, so we asked the CrossFit gym owner if there was someone who would benefit from receiving it. The man he suggested had a son about 5 yrs old and he worked three jobs, from early in the morning to very late at night and never complained and would probably really benefit from the bike. So Nate quietly took him outside and gave him the bike. The man didn’t say much but the next day he pulled Nate aside and told him how excited his son was to have the bike. In a time where I felt lost and confused these moments encouraged me that God ‘s plan was right on track. The experience that confirmed it for me is my next story. 

In Queenstown, there is a place called YWAM. I went to a YWAM in Australia and they are wonderful people who love God and do everything in their power to serve the community they are in. So we decided to donate our car to them. The missionaries at YWAM’s do not earn an income and must have sponsors to support them, so I know money is always very tight for them. The girl who received our car, told us she had been praying for a car for several months without any prospects and nothing she had done to fund raise was working. When she received the car, she told us it was such a miracle and blessing and confirmation she was in the right place and for us it confirmed we were on the right track. 

So that concludes the NZ adventures.