Are we crazy ?

I wonder what people will think when they read this blog post. Will they think we are crazy? Reckless? Stupid? Brave? Faithful? 

We have decided to move to a place called Wanaka, down on the South Island. We don’t have jobs or a place to live, all we know is that it feels like home there. We have come to see lately that it isn’t New Zealand that we dislike, it’s Auckland. It’s the feeling of claustrophobia because there are people crammed on top of people. I constantly have anxiety that someone will hit us because the roads are so busy and congested. There is no where for Kalani to ride his bike because you have to worry about traffic and we realized we don’t really love living near the ocean. This is huge for us, for as long a I can remember we thought we wanted to live near the ocean and some where warm but we actually like living near mountains and lakes. 

Not too long ago, Nate asked God to reveal his purpose to him because he realized nursing held no passion for him. He realized Nursing is basically the same no matter where you are and we wondered what God would reveal. So while we were in Queenstown skiing (which was a miracle in itself) Nate had this very powerful vision/revelation and remembered his long buried dream of working on the ski hill. He said it was as powerful and moving as when he became a Christian 3 years ago. Coincidently, the reason we weregoing to move to New Zealand 7 years ago, when we got our licenses was so he could work at a ski hill. During his revelation, he was actually quite moved and felt this may be the answer to his prayer for purpose. This would have never been an option in Kamloops because I would never have supported him in switching to a patrol job but here, there isn’t any reason not to try. While we were away in Queenstown, we really came to see that Auckland holds no purpose for us. We don’t feel called to anything there, on the contrary it has felt very oppressive. Nothing has seemed to work out, so what have we got to lose by leaving and trying something else. 

When we returned to Auckland after our trip and Nate’s revelation, we spent a lot of time praying for direction and guidance. I sought out the opinion of two friends, who I really trust. One suggested that maybe we were rushing and trying to force things. She spoke about some times we have to be in The desert before our hopes are realized. This was something that had occurred to me but it wasn’t until later in the day that I felt God showed me that Nate has been abiding in the desert for years, doing a job he has no passion for and ignoring the way he relates to people, which is through doing activities with them. When I shared this with Nate, he told me he came to New Zealand for me, to support me and he was trying to be selfless. It was why he agreed to come to Auckland, a place completely removed from the things he loves and the complete opposite of why we originally chose New Zealand. Finally, before I left Canada I distinctly heard God tell me that my job was to support Nate, at the time, he just brushed it off but now looking back I am starting to see a new path. The scripture that has been my rock for this entire journey has been ” trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him and he will make your path straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

At this time neither one of us has a job or even an offer of a job. You could say we are moving on a hope and a prayer but isn’t that what faith is? Believing for what we don’t see or understand? Both of us would rather try and potentially fail and have to go back to Canada then ‘tough’ it out in Auckland because it is safe. We are already poor here and have gotten uses to living very humbling compared to Canada, so why not live and experience the New Zealand we came here to see. We will be very sad to leave our friends, our CrossFit and our church though but we are so thankful that God put those people in our life for our time in Auckland.