Coromandel coast

We decided to get away for a few days to the Coromandel coast, specifically Hot water beach. We stayed at the holiday park, in a cute A frame cabin. The first evening we arrived around 3:30 and quickly stopped by the beach. It is a beautiful white sand beach with blue green water. 

Following check in, we went to the only place open to eat: called Puriangi winery. It was a rustic, local eatery that served a delisious wood fire pizza. We also played a game of Jenga and Kalani pet the very fat cat. There was another cat that Kalani described as having “angry” eyes but it turned out it was very old and had weepy eyes. It did look like it had “angry” eyes. That evening we watch kiwi TV for the first time and about 2 hours of news. We have not  watched the news since arriving and basically have no idea what is going on in the country. Sad I know. 

On the second day, we went to the only other place to eat for breakfast. Afterwards, we headed over with our shoves to the hot water beach. It took us a bit to figure out where it was but once the tide got low enough we started digging. Nate dug a nice sized hole near the top of the beach. The water was so hot sometimes that it would burn your skin. We layed in our pool for about an hour and a half. Other people started to come by and were eye Ing up our hole, enviously. It was really quite amazing to be relaxing in a nature hot pool within metres of the ocean. Nate and I even went swimming a few times when we got too hot. Now remember people, it is the middle of winter here and this morning we awoke to our car being totally frosted up. 

After lunch, we headed over to Cathedral cove. A famous cove for its exquisite beauty. Now the walk says its 35 min but of course we ran the entire way down and back. Kalani also decided he wanted to do sprint intervals on the way back. We are weird and impatient. The cove was very beautiful and picturesque. I have includes some pictures on facebook but they just do not do it justice. 

Our last day we spent most of the morning and lunch time at Hot Water beach. I had a very weird experience while we were there. I got such bad cramps that I actually had to stop walking and couldn’t move because they were so painful. There was a point were I felt like I might black out from pain or throw up. I have been fortunate in my life and not had much physical pain but I felt like I was in labour again. This was coupled with a cold I caught the day we left. I made it much worse though by getting so chilled today  walking in a bathing suit to and from the car. It sounds crazy but I could barely walk my body hurt so badly from being so cold. I obviously had a fever and I just got sicker following that. I can easily say that it is the sickest I have ever been as an adult. My body was on fire but I still felt cold, not exactly how I wanted to finish my time there. It also did a number on my mental state. We are all feeling a bit home sick and feeling terrible didn’t help. 


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