One month

A month has gone by. We are settled in for the most part now. I have been taking this time to really try to suss out what God want or has for me and us here. There are a few avenues that I have been interested in for awhile but I just never had the time back in Canada to explore them. The first is expanding my Crossfit coaching abilities and eventually going for my level 2 and 3 certifications. For now, I am focusing on just being a part of the community and being consistent in my training. My log book is full of long periods where my training has been interrupted due to various reasons. I am looking forward to having a solid chunk of time where I train consistently and compete in a couple local competitions. There is “heaps” of opportunities for local competitions here. The second is having a dedicated website for my blog. I am in the process of building it right now, so watch for that soon. I have checked out the “website building” for dummies book and well on my way. I am hoping to release it before my old age security pension kicks In. My final venture is becoming a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. As many of you know I love trying new and natural things and using essential oils has been one of my favourites. This is something I wanted to do back in Canada but it just never worked out. It also fulfills another interest I have had for a long time, which is to have a personal business. You can check out the products through my doTERRA website The best way to purchase product is to enrol as a Wellness Advocate because it enables you to get wholesale prices and only costs you 39$ a year. If you purchase an enrolment kit the membership fee is waived and if you set up a regular monthly order of 100pv or more you increase your overall discount the longer you have a regular monthly order. 

The reason I choice to go with doTERRA is the high standard of quality and level of purity required for their products. Essential oils have replaced most of my personal hygiene regime. They can be used for cooking, cleaning, aromatherapy, minor physical ailments and about 100+ other reason but they are not all created equal. Most essential oils are filled with fillers and chemical contaminants and SHOULD NOT BE INGESTED! If you think about herbs and plants that we use everyday in cooking and medicine it seems obvious that you would only want 100% of that plant or herb! Not 70% plus other chemical and filters. I often think about this concept when I read food labels and the sandwich meat says its 60% pork. Um what is the other 40%? The doTERRA products undergo rigorous purity testing before they are released. This is a link if anyone would like more information about their testing. The last reason I love them is they are very very concentrated! A little goes a long way and in my opinion that saves me money, especially if I calculate the cost of the bottle per drop or In comparison to a trip to the pharmacy. 

Okay..enough about that. 

In other news around the Jones home, Kalani has finished term 2 and has two weeks off to hang out. He dove head first into school so far and is really enjoying it. We have met a nice family who also lives near by and the kids go to the same school and like to hangout after church. They have a tramp as well, so Kalani is extra pumped to play smashing games with the older boy. Kalani informed us, in his most authoritative voice, that dogs talk too but by barfing at each other. As you can imagine Nate and I immediately began imitating what this might look like, to Kalani’s annoyance. You have to bug them when you can, seriously people. 

In regards to driving I have not accidentally hit the wipers while trying to use the signal, in quite some time. This was usually followed by Kalani telling me in a very exasperated voice ” mom you put the wipers on Again!” Oh really did I? I hadn’t noticed between the wipers going at full blast and trying to shove my arm out the window to use hand signals. Okay that never happened..maybe only once. Although if I look at an empty street I can’t remember which side I should be on, luckily they have many signs and arrows indicating which side or where to drive. I also spend less time with a blank look on my face trying to decipher what was just said to me. Sometimes the kiwi accent and slang takes me a moment to understand. 

We continue to eat a lot of rice and potatoes. Nate and I joke about how many different ways can you make them. It just may be my next blog post.  I am also still drinking my two giant cups of plunger coffee and have not switch to the tiny ones. I have found that NZ has a lot of gluten free products which is great but they use corn instead. I have a bad corn allergy and spent about three days in pain last week  until I had a cup of bone broth. It was literally amazing. I had been pain all day and immediately after had no more pain. I was so thankful. Side note – if you haven’t checked out the benefits of bone broth head to one of the paleo or autoimmune paleo website for a full explanation.

Well folks that about does it for this post. If any of you is interested in essential oils send me an email and we can chat. They are great for use in gyms, spas, massage therapy clinics or any type of health or wellness business or just for personal use. I am also interested to hear what people might like to see on my website.