Saying Goodbye

The visas were approved, the house has sold and we have moved out of the house. It all happened so fast and in such perfect timing that once again God has shown us how faithful He is and how when you walk is His will the doors open. It has not even sunk in that Nate is leaving today and I will go back to Kamloops to live with my parents for the next three weeks. 

When I reflect back on the last ten days I can’t help but laugh at how well God knows us. We like to do things full on, like NOW! So when the subjects for the sale of the house, came off last Wednesday and we had to move out by the following Monday, we were up for the challenge. Nate moved out every piece of furniture, by himself(with Kalani), just using different functional movements learned at Crossfit and I finished what packing and cleaning I hadn’t already done before and after work. We had a garage sale on the weekend where the first thing to sell was a ukelele for 2$. The biggest score of the weekend was selling the 200+ lb rear-projection TV for 10$! We would have paid someone 10$ to take it away. It was even something we were bargaining with in the sale of the house. The seller wanted the sectional but only if we could leave the TV and then the seller would meet our price but only if we got rid of the TV and so on. Fortunately, the man only lived a few blocks away so he wheeled the TV home, all the while trying to figure out how he was going to appease his wife with his new purchase. There is the possibility that we may have sold more stuff if Nate had actually attended the garage sale. Instead he went biking and left a sign for people to use the honor system and leave the money in the mailbox: although we did make 21$ while he was gone. The final score of the weekend was getting rid of our old vinyl couch and chair. We just left them on the front lawn with “free” signs on them and then took off for a few hours and they were gone when we returned! 

As I say goodbye to our house,  I thought I would feel sad but I don’t. My memories of living there are ones of struggle and difficulty. Don’t get me wrong, all of the personal growth and change was necessary and worth it but just very hard and painful. Nate and I are different people (as much as you can be) then we were 5 years ago and it is a testament to God’s faithfulness when I look back and think about how drastically our lives have change for the good. I am excited to see what God has for us in New Zealand.