Insert foot in mouth and other fun endeavours

Have you ever had one of those days were you constantly feel dumb or wish you could take back something you said because in hindsight it sounds really silly or it comes across in the wrong way? This seemed to happen several times today. Now couple that with working on and failing at improving my double under’s (my all time goat) and hspu’s which I feel like I should be better at considering we did roughly 8 week of strict strength work and I just feel discouraged. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over. 

Now enough whining and on to my wod journal

8min double under practice

Hang clean and power jerk 5×2+2 at 70% 85lbs

Evening wod time

warm up

inversions -I think they are called pike, dolphin and frog 

tabata 20sec work: 10 sec rest x 8 each

hspu- 3 set of max reps

2,3,2- I managed to do more then one but only with my hands outside of my cubit. 

Take ten wod


20 power snatch at 75lbs- broke these up into sets of 5 

10 wall balls at 14 lbs

30 power cleans -again sets of 5

10 t2b-these were the best part of the workout lol

40 back squats- I did all forty without putting the bars down 

10 wall balls

30 front squats- could only managed 3-5 reps at a time, my back was super fired up during these


20 shoulder to overhead-again sets of 3

10 wall balls

total time 19:18


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