Weight lifting comp and Mondays session

imageI was pretty surprised with myself that I controlled my nerves extremely well for the weight lifting competion. Previously, just thinking about the lifting Competition and being in front of everyone gave me butterflies and my hands would get tingly but Saturday went really well. My nerves were minimal and I hit my goal weights which feels really awesome. I still don’t feel extremely confident doing snatch and clean and jerks but I went out, did it and accomplished a goal. Through this whole experience I realized a few things about myself as a athlete, such as I don’t feel super comfortable or “love” lifting. I would way rather do some cardio or gymnastics stuff and I thought maybe that it was lack of practice but I have put in a lot of time practicing and working on my lifts and I still don’t have that love or comfort performing them. Oh well on to new things and new goals.

Monday’s session

Wod- wow this was a hard workout. It took me back to my first performance workout with wall balls and DU’s were I thought I was dying but these type of short aerobic burners are my kryptonite.

15 burpees

20 KB swings at 20 kg

30 DU’s

2 min work : 2 min of rest

1. 2:49

2. 2:15

3. 3:12

4. I didn’t finish. Blah embarrassing. 😦 I had 10 DU’s left

5. 4:11


3×5 strict pull ups

3×5 strict dips- used the flesh colored band. My arms were like jello doing these


power snatch 5x 2 at 70% 65lbs

i tried doing the rest of my lifts but I felt too faint to complete them so I decided to stop at that point, instead of passing out under the bar lol.



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