June 3

Warm up

hspu 10-1 EMOM

These went terrible, I am actually embarrassed at how poorly I did on them. I was able to do about 3 in the first round, then I put a 15lbs plate down and got another 2-3 and then just kept failing and failing. It was rather disheartening actually. I finally ended up doing them on a box.


50 walls balls at 14lbs- I felt ready to increase this weight and they went pretty good I thought. I was hitting the target most the time.

50 DU’s -still working on these

40 box jumps at 20″- practiced rebounding off the floor and resting while on the box. This is a new technique for me and seemed to go okay.

40-t2b-trying to practice starting my kip properly, sometimes it happened others not so much. 

30 burpees

22-c2b-I was able to string a few together 

there was other stuff but I never made it there. Oh well I was happy with how the other part went.


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