June 20


Snatch 5 x 1 80% @ 80lbs 
Clean & Jerk 5 x 1 80% @ 95 lbs
Pause Squat work up to a heavy triple 135
RDL 3 x 8 at  155lbs

Wod in lieu of Saturday AM

8 KB front rack walking lunges at 12kg 

4 front squat 

2 rope climbs-these were so hard, on round three I physically couldn’t do another one so I only did one rope climb. By the end my grip was cramping which has never happened to me and at one point I had the sensation of falling backwards because my grip gave out. That was freaky so for the last three rope climbs I was super careful, I do not need to fall off the rope and break my neck.

total 14:14- there was a lot of resting and stretching because my grip was so fried to begin with



June 19

Warm up

30 plank shoulder touches

40 plank shoulder touches w feet on 20′ box

50 wall climb shoulder touches-did sets of 10


Partner work-my partners were Gem and Lai

100 wallball toes to bar

200 push ups

we complete 42 WB2B and 125 push-ups-not sure how long Sean let us go for. 

Partner WOD W Lai

3 power snatches at 65lbs 

6 OH squats 

9 box jump overs

we completed 15 rounds plus 10 reps-this was a fun little workout. I tripped/ fell on one of the box jumps but thankfully didn’t hurt myself. 

June 18

I had great intentions of getting out of bed early today but I have just been so tired the last two day that I couldn’t do it and the only way I get by is to just keep moving as soon as I get up but only at a slow speed and which usually includes doing laundry, cleaning and cooking. Thankfully I managed to talk myself into going to the gym after work.


5×5 strict HSPU modified with the 20′ box


3 Position Clean (floor, mid hang, hi hang) x 5 65% at 75lbs
Clean Pull 5 x 5 85% (of clean) at 100lbs
Snatch Balance work up to a heavy single – 85lbs then 75% of that 3 x 2 at 65lbs -I couldn’t get my arms straight on the 95lbs lift and I didn’t let go of the bar so it landed on my neck and spine. I didn’t like these after that. 
Front Squat 3 x 3 80% at 125lbs


3 x 300m Shuttle Sprints (6 x 50m)

1. 1:04 2. 0:58 3. 1:01

1 Min Rest between each
Rest 3 minutes after the final sprint
Run 1 Mile- 9:33

June 16


3×6 strict pull ups-I did these a bit broken up in the second and third rounds per Sean’s instructions so I didn’t have to modify these

3×6 strict ring dips-broke these up into 3 reps at a time with minimal rest, again so I didn’t have to modify them

Lifts-3 Position Snatch (floor, mid-hang, hi-hang) x 5 65% 65lbs
2 Power Jerk + 1 Split Jerk x 5 65% 75lbs

Snatch Pull 5 x 5 85% 85lbs

Squat 3 x 5 75% 125lbs-I did these after the WOD and my legs were toast plus I needed to get going home


Death by Thruster at 65lbs for 15min

12 rounds completed

Sat June 14

I did my wod at the 9am open gym time as Kalani was with his grandma. 

Warm up


5 HSPU-modified with a box

10 pistol squats

15 pull up-practiced on the powder coated rig

Completed 3 rounds plus 18 reps

WOD #2-AMRAP 12min

12 deadlifts at 85 lbs –these were my rest and I did them unbroken

9 hang power cleans-sets of 3

6 push jerks-broke these into sets of 3 as well

Completed 4 rounds plus 2 reps

June 12-performance



Warm up

A) Barbell Complex-EMOM X 10

Snatch Grip Deadlift + Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch at 65 for 6 reps then 75 for 3 reps
Clean + 1&1/4 Front Squat + Push Jerk at 85 lbs


Row 500 m-these felt pretty good, my legs were cramping by the third one though but just pushed through the pain

12 dead lifts at 130lbs- did these all unbroken

21 box jumps at 20′- having trouble rebounding so just went to my normal box jumps

total: 11:58

June 11


i had to improvise a bit on this, so I did the run to my Dr’s office and back home. I made it to the first 30 sec rest before I arrived at my Dr’s office. 

60sec run x 12 with variable rest 60-50-40-30-rested while at my appointment then completed the rest 


That’s all I got done today before nap time and work.