May 20-50’s regional wod

Well I am thankful I went to performance tonight, I actually feel better rather then worse like I expected with this stupid cold, mind you I did nap for several hours today..twice. 

I felt pretty gased at the end of this workout but there was only one part were I felt like my lung might explode and I might faint and my glutes and back were on fires during the second box jump overs but I pushed on and finished. Yay!

i was also stoked on how good my ring dips felt and I even kipped the last 7 of 10. It is nice to see improvements because I only stopped using the band last week. I think being well rested because I was at work ALL weekend helped to. 

Warm up

i chose to do 30 reps of each activity as that is a more reasonable number for me and this cold has been kicking my butt all weekend and I wasn’t sure how well my endurance and aerobic capacity would hold up.

30 cal row

30 box jump overs-tried to never stop moving

30 dead lifts at 125lbs-did sets of 10

30 wallballs at 12 lbs-I think I can graduate to 14, I have been consistently hitting the target lately. First round did 15 then 10 then 5

10 ring dips-did sets of 2-3-could increase this number for next time

30 wall balls-did sets of 10

30 dead lifts-set of 10, 10 then 5,5

30 box jumps overs-thought I might die at the end of these

30 cal row-felt strong and the different movement helped the cramping in my glutes and back


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