Sweat angels

Well that’s what I would call this Wod


Run 1mile

Row 2k -10min

Run 1 mile

Total 28:00min

Liftsicles after

my legs were feeling a lot fried after Jerry

front squat 165 (failed) 155

I tried for a PR on my first attempt but failed so I took some weight off and this was my second lift. My PR is 160 so I was happy with that. I feel ready for a PR in my front squat, just maybe when I am abit fresher

Power clean and jerk 110- once again happy with this my PR is 115 so maybe time for a new PR 

good mornings 3×5 at 110 then down to 105

i went for massage right before I came to the gym and he worked on my back muscles, so when I did 110 it was  just too much today to keep my core in good form


pull ups

30 rest for 30sec

20 rest for 30sec

10 rest for 30sec

total ~5:30


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