May 13- some regionals fun

Warm up

hang squat snatch-worked up to 90lbs which is my PR for my normal snatch. Probably could have done 95lbs with a bit more time or maybe not, think I had a mental block once again lol.

Handstand walk w assistance- yup have burst blood vessels all over my face from these 🙂 very sexy look for me

i walked across the gym with Sean’s assistance but need to work on keeping my legs together and keeping my core tight

workout-21,15,9,6,3-time 20:55-I would have made it under the time cap! Plus this is only the third time I have edited this particular blog post and I finally remembered to add my total time, I think I need more coffee. STAT.

HSPU-I modified them with my feet on a box instead of Kipping. I would rather get stronger at strict HSPU then kip and hurt my back and neck. I did have some elbow flare start about half way through

front squat-105 lbs this was a challenging weight but a good choice. I managed to do the set of 9,6,3 unbroken.

Bar facing burpees-nothing to say they were just kind of sucky


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