May 31

My body needed rest. By now I am uses to being sore all the time but I am having a lot of hip pain and want it to get better. 


May 28

Didn’t have a lot of time today so just ended up doing the gymnastics wod

64 pull ups-did sets of 3-8 

OHS 100lbs x8 -phew I was going to try 105 but I am glad I picked 100lbs because I could barely finish them. I guess I have a new pr for ohs though because 100lbs uses to be my old pr

May 26


back squat 3×1 at 95% 160lbs-these felt strong

power snatch x1 at 80%,85%, 90%, 95%

70lbs, 75lbs, 80lbs and 85lbs-all successful lifts. I did 85lbs a couple of times to practice my form

push press -heavy single 95lbs. I tried 105lbs but I ended up push jerking it lol.

I am not going to do Murph as my hip is really bothering me and most of those moves bother it. 

I am trying a different method of learning butterfly pull ups which I spent about 10 min working on.

Freedom session grad

Tonight I had the privilege of attending the Freedom Session grad, which is a faith based 12 step program for people struggling with all kinds of issues. I heard testimonies about people overcoming pain, addictions, finding forgiveness for themselves and other, finding peace after suffering abuse, discovering hope in the face of depression and suicide and most of all finding freedom from dysfunctional behaviours. I have had the privilege of being a sponsor for the last two years and watching two young women be transformed by faith. It is so encouraging and moving, hearing so many stories of broken and hurting people being provided with tools to cope and deal with life and the positive changes they have experienced already in their life and of course those changes impact those around them and help foster and build health relationships. There is so many broken people in this world and to see a program helping to strengthen marriage and relationships between children and their parents because let’s face it we  all have issues from our parents is worth supports and being a part of. The other thing I really like is that the people attending freedom session come from all walks of life and are of all ages but they all come together as a community to get behind each other and support each other and accept people no matter what secrets or “shameful” pasts they have. It is truly humbling to see people finding fulfillment because they have realized for the first time that they have value and that God loves and has a plan for each person and that they are unique and special and designed for a purpose. When people realize they are important something changes, they have hope and can cope and can love others which is really what we are all seeking whether we realize it or not in some form or another.  So I say congrats to all the freedom session grads and thanks for sharing your testimonies and allowing me to be encouraged by your journeys. 

May 22

Lift-my hamstrings and glutes are pretty toast today, went for a massage which helped.

front squat 3×3 80% at 130lbs-focused on contracting my glutes and these were much easier then I expected

power clean and power jerk 3×2 at 85% 100lbs

2x2at 90% 105lbs-again focusing on contracting my glutes and these felt pretty good.

Good mornings 3×5 at 110

I decided to attend the grad of a faith based 12 step program called Freedom sessions, instead of going to performance. I am a sponsor to one of the graduate and felt going and supporting her in her journey of healing was pretty important and only going to happen once. Oh well can lift tomorrow 🙂

May 21


5x 800 on 5:30 time- I tried to do it on a 5 min timer but I was too slow and only getting 10-20 secs rest. My cold is getting better but still impacting my cardio. Plus my hamstrings are fried from the dead lifts we did yesterday.

gymnastics- muscle ups 15x 1 with assistance 

Didn’t get a chance to lift today. 

May 20-50’s regional wod

Well I am thankful I went to performance tonight, I actually feel better rather then worse like I expected with this stupid cold, mind you I did nap for several hours today..twice. 

I felt pretty gased at the end of this workout but there was only one part were I felt like my lung might explode and I might faint and my glutes and back were on fires during the second box jump overs but I pushed on and finished. Yay!

i was also stoked on how good my ring dips felt and I even kipped the last 7 of 10. It is nice to see improvements because I only stopped using the band last week. I think being well rested because I was at work ALL weekend helped to. 

Warm up

i chose to do 30 reps of each activity as that is a more reasonable number for me and this cold has been kicking my butt all weekend and I wasn’t sure how well my endurance and aerobic capacity would hold up.

30 cal row

30 box jump overs-tried to never stop moving

30 dead lifts at 125lbs-did sets of 10

30 wallballs at 12 lbs-I think I can graduate to 14, I have been consistently hitting the target lately. First round did 15 then 10 then 5

10 ring dips-did sets of 2-3-could increase this number for next time

30 wall balls-did sets of 10

30 dead lifts-set of 10, 10 then 5,5

30 box jumps overs-thought I might die at the end of these

30 cal row-felt strong and the different movement helped the cramping in my glutes and back