April 26

What! It’s the end of the month, already a month of performance done?? I have noticed some changes in my muscular endurance when I am pushing weight overhead which was something I always struggled with. Yay. For example, when I did Fran I was able to do the last 9 thrusters unbroken which I would never have been able to do in the past. 

Anyway, WOD FOR KIDS-I did 5 rounds plus 20 reps. I just enjoyed this workout and rested when I wanted to. I did a 12 lb wallball and focused on being faster out of my squat and reaching the 10′ target

lifting clinic-

I really liked how the day went. I got some positive feedback which was nice because every time I go away to a different gym the coaches pick apart my snatch form, so I thought that I must have pretty bad form but watching the video showed me that I am getting a straight bar path and good extension. I have some launch stuff to work on but I was feeling good with my overall technique by the end of the session. 

The clean and jerk portion of the day was informative and I learned some new technique points to focus and work on. I find with both lifts I lacked confidence in my technique because other people always lift WAY more then me but I think this is more just a confidence and comfort thing. I do not like lifting heavy stuff over my head but seeing myself on video helped me see my general technique is solid. Overall a very well run and informative day! I also liked that my partners were cool with just using light weights and really hammering in technique instead of trying to get a new PR because that was my goal for the clinic. 


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