April 22

Ah I found my attention very divided today during the performance time. Kalani was bored with his toys after about 20mins and then wanted to play with me and I had to constantly referee him but at the same time I felt guilty because he’s only 4 and of course he wants my attention. I felt I couldn’t focus on doing the workout because I was worried he was doing something he shouldn’t be and I felt anxious he’s bothering the other people there or Sean. Also we got home at 8:50 which is really late for KAlani. I find myself getting annoyed with KAlani because he’s playing and constantly wants my attention and guilty and distracted and I kept forgetting to check my time because I was more worried about checking what KAlani was doing. Hmm maybe I need to try to find a happy medium, I will talk to Sean about my concerns because I don’t like coming home feeling stressed and feeling guilty that I ignored my son and got frustrated with him.

Toes to bar strength work 5 reps x 3 rounds

  • Roll up on floor
  • hanging knee raises
  • beat swing
  • hanging leg raises
  • L sit 10 sec
  • roll up on bar

muscle up work 5×5

  • Pull through on floor-first tune doing these in ages, felt good by the end
  • Pull through on rings with band- these were fun


1000m row

OH SQUAT 65 lbs for 100ft


1000m row

front rack lunge 85lbs

1000m row

back rack 95lbs- I could totally tell how much weaker my left side was then my right especially when I was trying to push up off the floor, I found standing up and then lunging helped.




2 thoughts on “April 22

  1. Ahh, Leah – your blog made me sad for you. The balance is really tough. If you are like me, training is the first time you put yourself (your needs and wants) before your kids. It is an uncomfortable stomach wrenching experience. You and Tanya are the only two people I know brave enough to tackle the trinity; work, kids, performance. He is a good boy and does awesome at the gym but there will be times you have to walk away from training to put him first. Those times won’t last and there will always be another day to lift. You will find a way to make it work. Not all nights will be like that. Monica

    • Thanks Mon,
      I felt better after talking with Nate and Sean about it and that it was more of a one off experience then the norm but it’s definitely a balancing act and I won’t always get it right.

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