Saturday April 19

I was child free today, it was awesome and allowed me to stay for whole performance time. I have been fighting a cold since Thursday and pretending I am not really bothered by it so I can bug Nate about being a whiner because he has the same cold but he’s actually way sicker then me so maybe I am the whiner??

Warm up

skipping and wall balls-my true suckiness at skipping was once again revealed on Thursday so I only had to do 10 du for every 5 wall balls. I also got to use a 12 lbs wall ball


100 pull ups- I did one set of 10 then sets of 3-4. I rotated my grip from chin ups to pull ups and vice versatile which helped with fatigue. I got a blister and a blood blister at around #80 so I finished with chin ups because I was able to grip the bar with the top of my hand and avoid my palm. I kind of forgot how many I had done when I got the blister so I may have done a few extra because after I got to 100 I just kept going until Tanya finished because I figured we were pretty close 

100 wall balls- tried to do sets of 10, which I did except for two sets.

Endurance: or death runs

E2MOM X10 110m sled run

I did the first 4 with 45 lbs plate on my sled but by 5 I was walking so I took the plate off and was able to run again. 

Tabata 20:10 with 45lbs plate running backwards- these were fine, no complaints 🙂



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