April 16 lift, gymnastics

Running 3 x 800m on 5 min timer

I was really happy with how the runs went as I completed each 800 in about 3:55 which I did not expect. I expected to be on a 6 or possibly 7 min timer based on my tosh times. 


Front squats 5×2 at 120lbs- these felt pretty good considering I had just finished the run

power clean + power jerks 4×2 at 90lbs- I tried to focus on stringing these together and not just drop the weight after the first one

good mornings 3×5 at 90lbs


  • Max reps at 75lbs-16
  • max reps at 85 lbs-8
  • max reps at 95lbs-5
  • max reps at 105lbs-3
  • max reps at 95 lbs-5
  • max reps at 85lbs -7
  • max reps at 75lbs-8


E2MOM X 10 max ctb pull ups

5,5,5,5,6-By the 5th rep my hands were always slipping off but my strength was still there


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