April 10

Warm up

toes to bar strength work 3×5 reps each

  • Roll up on floor
  • hanging knee raises
  • beat swing
  • hanging leg raises
  • roll up on bar -despite my best efforts I can’t do these without a lot of help

metcons- on a 7 minute timer

7 power snatch at 75 lbs-I wasn’t sure about doing this weight because it’s kind of on the heavier side for me but I just did it slowly and ensured I set up properly ever time, hence the slow time

14 pull ups x3rounds in 6:22

2nd metcon

7 shoulder to oh at 75lbs

14 box jump overs at 24″ -my time got erased accidentally but I think it was 5:35.

3rd metcon

7 power cleans at 75lbs

14 wall balls at 14 lbs 4:33 I had a really hard time reaching the 10 ‘ mark- next time I will use at 12 lb ball


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