Group performance

Warm up

row 500m then yoke hold with a partner x3- Jeff was my partner for this, he kicked butt on the yoke hold, I on the other hand could barely lift it. My mid section was all wobbled despite my best efforts to keep it stable so I switched to a fat bar with 45’s on it

Emom x15

9 KB OH squat- I used a 6kg one, 

6 slam balls-I dropped it over my shoulder as I can’t lift it over my head to slam it properly

3 high box jumps- I used the 24″ with a 25 and 35lb plate stacked together because the 30″ box freaks me out. All I see is ripped up shins when I try to jump on it


15, 12, 9, 6, 3 thrusters at 65 lbs

rope climb in between each set

once again working on fast turn over in my thrusters and endurance. My arms and legs run out of steam so fast with thrusters. I did complete the first set unbroken. The rope climbs were good, I used the wrap around method to ensure a better hold and I find it easier on my arms as I wanted to conserve some strength for the thrusters


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