April 7


5×1 muscle ups with assistance

5×4 hspu– I did these modified on the box and increased my reps by 1

3×3 chin ups-this is the same number of reps as last week but I just wasn’t able to do anymore. My shoulders felt pretty tight and getting my collar bone to the bar was very difficult

3×5 ring dips with flesh colored band

Plank for a total of 2min with 25lbs plate

false grip hold for a total of 1 min-I apparently didn’t get the updated version with single arm holds and I ran out of time


squat 5×3 at 125lbs -I did these after the burpees

power snatch 3×3 at 70lbs- I accidentally did the wrong weight, it should have been 65lbs but they felt pretty good. Trying to work on bring my upper body up at the same time as my butt instead of butt first

3×2 at 75lbs- I just increased the weight for this set even though it was greater then 75%

3×5 push press at 70lbs-I tried to have fast turn over with these as I struggle with doing anything fast!

3×5 RDL at 135lbs

Burpee death wod- I did 10, it was a manageable and repeatable amount. That’s all I am saying about that.


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