You ate the last meatball!

The last endeavour on my health and wellness journey has been about the food I eat. I have numerous food sensitivities that includes corn, raw bananas, avocados, and spinach and also if I eat a lot of carb rich foods before bed I feel anxious and like I am hung over the next day. So one day at church they made an altar call for people who wanted physical healing. Now in the 3 years I have been going to church I have never gone up for prayer and I am generally a very private, socially awkward and shy person and altar calls are like number one on my anxiety provoking activities list but I was tired of constantly being in pain, feeling nauseous and sick after I ate something so I went and got anointed with oil and my friend Sara prayed for me.

Fast forward about six months, I had decided to do a 21 day sugar detox after Christmas and was cooking everything from scratch and feeling really good, My skin looked great, my hair was thick, my sleeps were amazing and I hadn’t had any pain for a long time. Then I was sitting at church again and flashed back to my prayer and felt a small voice say “remember when you prayed for the pain to go away, well this is the answer”. Hmm that made me sit back and think for a bit. Paleo is the answer to my stomach pain? Well since then I have tweaked my diet further by adding more carbs around my training and relaxed a bit on how strict I was with “paleo only” food but overall I am pain free! Now my only stomach pain occurs when Nate eats all the yummy food I cook and leaves none for me. We may have had several excited conversations about him eating the last meatball and not cooking anything to replace the food he’s eaten. I am the type of person who gets hangry, (angry from being hungry) and when I get home from work and there’s nothing to eat and the food I just cooked is all gone, I may lose it a little. Yes this is not the end of the world but when you’re really hungry it seems like it is. Like most men, Nate has slowly learned to be more proactive in helping with the cooking, mostly to avoid a melt down from me but his repertoire of recipes is limited to spaghetti from a jar, stew and roast. Sadly, when you make artichoke lemon pesto or butternut squash jambalaya and the replacement is stew it just isn’t the same. So we have a ways to go in the chef department, at least I didn’t write about some of his excuses or arguments about why it was okay to eat all the food and why I  am not allowed to get mad because really it’s my own fault for 1) having food intolerance and not being able to eat anything and 2) for making good food. Oh well at least it makes me laugh and see how ridiculous and possibly childish we are lol.


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