Performance April 3


1. Skin the cat-10×1-this was my first attempt at doing these and needed some assistance after the 3 or 4 one to get back up into a candle stick

2. Straddle to handstand-I started with a headstand and the ab Mat and stay with this modification the entire time. I found I needed a little bit of a push off the ground to initiate the move

wod 1: 30-20-10

single arm snatch with a 25 lb dumbbell- probably could have done 30lbs

Pistol squat

time 7:55

Wod 2-50 burpees and EMOM do 5 t2 b

Time: 4:55

I am feeling pretty sore but I made sure to eat enough and spent today just resting. I was worried my ankle would be a problem on the pistol squats but it wasn’t an issue.


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