If anyone actually read this jiberish they should know that most of what I say is meant in a humorous, tongue in cheek kind of way. I swear I am not that whiny but I try to be entertaining and it comes out in sarcasm I guess. Just an FYI so people don’t take everything I say so seriously. It’s social media people it should be light!

warm up

metcon 20 min time cap-my time was 13:34

5 rounds of 

5 clean and jerks at 105lbs- I was doubtful I would get through these but I did. Shockingly awesome 

15 toes to bar- these were fast and I managed to do about 7-10 with out letting go of the bar


metcon 20 min time cap-my time was 10:14

3 rounds of 

30 kb swings at 16 kg

30 box jumps at 24′


10 min AMRAP-3 rounds 10 reps

10 wallballs at 12 lbs

30 double under’s-I just tried to relax and take my time with these and not get frustrated. Sadly I still suck at these


April 28

Lift-5×2 at 90% 145lbs

power snatch 4×2 at 75% 70lbs

push press 5×5 at 75% 70lbs

rdl 3×5 145lbs


5×1 muscle ups with assistance

5×5 HSPU W slight assistance

3×4,3,4 chin ups

3×6 w flesh bands

Burpees EMOM 11 reps- this was my warm up for the gymnastics

April 26

What! It’s the end of the month, already a month of performance done?? I have noticed some changes in my muscular endurance when I am pushing weight overhead which was something I always struggled with. Yay. For example, when I did Fran I was able to do the last 9 thrusters unbroken which I would never have been able to do in the past. 

Anyway, WOD FOR KIDS-I did 5 rounds plus 20 reps. I just enjoyed this workout and rested when I wanted to. I did a 12 lb wallball and focused on being faster out of my squat and reaching the 10′ target

lifting clinic-

I really liked how the day went. I got some positive feedback which was nice because every time I go away to a different gym the coaches pick apart my snatch form, so I thought that I must have pretty bad form but watching the video showed me that I am getting a straight bar path and good extension. I have some launch stuff to work on but I was feeling good with my overall technique by the end of the session. 

The clean and jerk portion of the day was informative and I learned some new technique points to focus and work on. I find with both lifts I lacked confidence in my technique because other people always lift WAY more then me but I think this is more just a confidence and comfort thing. I do not like lifting heavy stuff over my head but seeing myself on video helped me see my general technique is solid. Overall a very well run and informative day! I also liked that my partners were cool with just using light weights and really hammering in technique instead of trying to get a new PR because that was my goal for the clinic. 

April 22

Ah I found my attention very divided today during the performance time. Kalani was bored with his toys after about 20mins and then wanted to play with me and I had to constantly referee him but at the same time I felt guilty because he’s only 4 and of course he wants my attention. I felt I couldn’t focus on doing the workout because I was worried he was doing something he shouldn’t be and I felt anxious he’s bothering the other people there or Sean. Also we got home at 8:50 which is really late for KAlani. I find myself getting annoyed with KAlani because he’s playing and constantly wants my attention and guilty and distracted and I kept forgetting to check my time because I was more worried about checking what KAlani was doing. Hmm maybe I need to try to find a happy medium, I will talk to Sean about my concerns because I don’t like coming home feeling stressed and feeling guilty that I ignored my son and got frustrated with him.

Toes to bar strength work 5 reps x 3 rounds

  • Roll up on floor
  • hanging knee raises
  • beat swing
  • hanging leg raises
  • L sit 10 sec
  • roll up on bar

muscle up work 5×5

  • Pull through on floor-first tune doing these in ages, felt good by the end
  • Pull through on rings with band- these were fun


1000m row

OH SQUAT 65 lbs for 100ft


1000m row

front rack lunge 85lbs

1000m row

back rack 95lbs- I could totally tell how much weaker my left side was then my right especially when I was trying to push up off the floor, I found standing up and then lunging helped.



Easter Monday

Lifts only- still fighting this cold and trying to balance resting with working out. It is sure a virulent cold, I go from feeling pretty good to feeling like crap in the drop of a hat. 

Squats 5×3 at 140lbs

power snatch 3×2 at 75% 70lbs, 2x2at 80% 75lbs, heavy single at 85lbs-thought that was good considering my pr is 90lbs

push press 1x5at 75% 70lbs, 1×5 at 80% 75lbs, heavy single 85 x 5

RDL  at 135lbs

Saturday April 19

I was child free today, it was awesome and allowed me to stay for whole performance time. I have been fighting a cold since Thursday and pretending I am not really bothered by it so I can bug Nate about being a whiner because he has the same cold but he’s actually way sicker then me so maybe I am the whiner??

Warm up

skipping and wall balls-my true suckiness at skipping was once again revealed on Thursday so I only had to do 10 du for every 5 wall balls. I also got to use a 12 lbs wall ball


100 pull ups- I did one set of 10 then sets of 3-4. I rotated my grip from chin ups to pull ups and vice versatile which helped with fatigue. I got a blister and a blood blister at around #80 so I finished with chin ups because I was able to grip the bar with the top of my hand and avoid my palm. I kind of forgot how many I had done when I got the blister so I may have done a few extra because after I got to 100 I just kept going until Tanya finished because I figured we were pretty close 

100 wall balls- tried to do sets of 10, which I did except for two sets.

Endurance: or death runs

E2MOM X10 110m sled run

I did the first 4 with 45 lbs plate on my sled but by 5 I was walking so I took the plate off and was able to run again. 

Tabata 20:10 with 45lbs plate running backwards- these were fine, no complaints 🙂